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If you drive a car in London like I do, then you know the frustration of congestion. It happens for the morning rush, the evening rush and at random times throughout the day.

Some days you may feel like our city lives up to the reputation of only having two seasons: winter and construction. But if busy streets are getting you heated up this summer, you may be interested to know that it seems like there are a lot of exciting changes on the horizon for London, ON on the transportation front. As the population continues to grow, there are some great ideas as to how our city is going to look in the future.

Through various surveys and community consultations, Smart Moves London has developed a 2030 Transportation Master Plan, to address the growing population and supporting various modes of transportation, from vehicles to buses to cycling to pedestrians.

The overall goal is to ease congestion by making parts of the city more accessible, whether through the use of street cars or simply by making the city more pedestrian and cyclist-friendly.

Rapid Transit is a term that is getting thrown around a lot in conversations these days, and it’s definitely one of those initiatives that other cities have integrated successfully. Shift, is London’s Rapid Transit Initiative and details how London may look if it were to employ some of the transit alternatives. They even have a section where you can take a survey to provide them with your input on how you would like to see London’s transit system evolve.

I love biking along the scenic trail routes and London, ON has a number of back-street trails that will take you from one end of the city to the other without hitting the major streets. However, there are improvements to be made for city cycling and those wishing to commute to work on bike. We are home to a very proactive cycling community who are making it their mission to make London a safe place to cycle (you can check out more information here).

There’s a lot to love about living in London, Ontario, and we’re pretty lucky if something like a little traffic is all we have to complain about. But hey, it beats talking about the weather :)

Here’s a summary of a few initiatives that outline all the great things in store for the City of London: Smart Moves: the 2030 London Transportation Master Plan (TMP).