I’m sure most residents of London would generally agree that getting around our fair city is efficient and affordable. We are well serviced by our public transit buses, extensive and picturesque bike paths complete with bike rental services; we have free shuttle buses to transport students between Brescia University College and King’s University College main campuses, there are car sharing options such as Vrtucar and ZipCar, and the Via Rail station is conveniently located downtown on York St. ready to whisk you to bustling Toronto while bypassing all the auto traffic.

If you’re planning on traveling further afoot, London Transit provides direct service to the London International Airport Terminal Building 14 times daily on the weekdays.

But here’s even more good news – due to record passenger growth at London International last year – a new battleground for our market share is growing more competitive, with travelers out of London benefiting from a climate of expanding flight options and enticing prices.

According to a recent new release from London International Airport, beginning June 24th, WestJet will begin operating summer service between London and Montreal. These flights (operated by Encore) will offer daily, non-stop service.

WestJet upped the ante in a high-stakes battle to take business away from Air Canada by announcing these direct summer flights, only the latest in a series of moves that gives Southwestern Ontarians more choices.

Recently Kapil Lakhotia, the head of the London Economic Development Corp, was quoted in the London Free Press saying that “Now is a golden age for travellers in the London area.”

He goes on to explain further: “I think we are certainly at a historic point where we have so many carriers. There has never been a time before we had so many services. During the initial stages, they’ll offer various types of discounts to attract the market. Consumers should take advantage of the aggressive competition at this stage. It’s essentially a use-it-or-lose-it scenario. Londoners need to understand if they don’t use these services, they’ll go away.”

So, London travelers – enjoy the position of consumer power you have at the moment.

The logic used by the London airport in its branding – “Why not fly from home?” – has never been more persuasive.

Safe travels & thanks for reading!