Check out these fabulous local restaurants that are open despite the construction downtown. If you love a great plate of fresh, quality and local food, then you must check out one of these options:

David’s Bistro

Fine Dining 

432 Richmond St. (Downtown)

Established in 1998, David’s Bistro is rated #1 on Tripadvisor. David’s Bistro offers an amazing fine dining experience and has a loyal following. They offer a variety of fixed menu items, as well as daily specials. This is the perfect spot for a date night or celebration. 

The Early Bird

Breakfast - Lunch

355 Talbot St. (Downtown)

A small, independent restaurant that features made-to-order meals with fresh and local ingredients. Featured on Season 2 of Food Network’s “You Gotta Eat Here!”, The Early Bird is a must try for a unique and local experience.

Additional Location:
The Little Bird - 147 Wortley Rd.

Spageddy Eddy’s

Comfort Food

428 Richmond St (Downtown)

This hidden gem has been located in the downtown core for over 25 years. They offer various pasta options for those who enjoy a good portion and affordable prices. Bring your hunger or you will have leftovers! The unique atmosphere is the key to their success. 

Plant Matter Bistro


Plant Matter Bistro - 244 Dundas St

Plant Matter Bistro is focused on serving Local, Organic and Vegan Food options. They are teaching Londoners that being Vegan can taste amazing! Plant Matter is perfect for those looking to try a healthier alternative to eating out.  

Additional Plant Matter Restaurants:
Plant Matter Kitchen - 162 Wortley Rd 

Plant Matter Cafe - 717 Richmond St.

Chef’s Table

Student Run

130 Dundas St

Located at the Downtown Fanshawe College Campus, this fantastic restaurant features locally sourced food with a sustainable focus and international flavours. The perfect place to try unique options at an affordable price. 

Hunter & Co.

Cocktail Bar

349 Talbot Street

Hunter & Co. is a unique cocktail lounge that offers a variety of unique food experiences including fresh oysters. Check out this spot for your next Wine Night as they feature plenty of options that cannot be found at the LCBO.

Let’s help support one of these great local downtown businesses during construction!

In addition to street parking, there are parking lots along Queens Avenue, King Street, and under Covent Garden Market.