Did a house down the street just sell and you’re wondering what it went for? Just ask me! I get it. We’re always curious about what’s happening in our neighbourhood with the real estate prices. I mean, London’s market has really shot up in the last couple of years, and if you are thinking of buying or selling, it’s a great idea to have your finger on the pulse of what is actually happening with the prices.

Real estate comparable sales (or “comps” as they are often called) are going to be the #1 strategic tool for deciding how to list a new property and how to understand where the market is really headed. And this data is never based on what price the properties are listed it--it’s the price that it sells for that matters. Comps are also incredibly useful if you are planning to list a property for sale in the near future, but are wondering where the best investment might be as you do a few small fixes or take on a final renovation project, in order to get top dollar for your sale.

As a real estate agent, I look at comps every single day and this is the data that I am always analyzing when helping a client understand the current market value of their property. Pricing a house well is one of the most important elements to a successful sale, and knowing the data inside and out is a key component to this critical part of the real estate business.

I have access to all the key data points and would be more than happy to answer any questions you have about what the market is looking like in your neighbourhood, or give you the inside scoop on whether the house next door sold for over asking. There’s also a really handy e-mail list I can sign you up for, which sends you regular insights on ALL the sold properties, so you can really monitor what’s happening in your neighbourhood--or the neighbourhood where you’re looking to buy.

It’s really never too late to start collecting this information. If you are planning on selling in the next few months--or even the next couple of years--I’m happy answering any questions about the current market projections and how you can best get ready for that sale, so you are well-equipped for when the time comes.

Thanks for reading!

Melanie Pearce

Your award-winning, London, Ontario real estate agent.