I will be trekking 100 kms across the Sahara Desert to raise money for the

Royal LePage Shelter Foundation.

In the busy times we live in, it’s easy for something simple, like a safe roof over our head, to be taken for granted. Unfortunately, there are many women and children who are in unsafe living conditions who have nowhere to turn. I’m part of a group who is trying to change that. Not only does the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation work with local organizations to provide immediate shelter access for those in immediate need, they also work with partners to help support women in rebuilding their lives.

I’m aiming to raise $5,000 and have already reached 94% of my goal.

would you like to help make a difference?

Every dollar counts, and donations greater than $20 will receive a tax receipt.

Learn more here: Sahara Desert Challenge

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What's in a home?

My home growing up was a gathering place. It had always been that way. My parents ran CB radio groups, Topps groups and provided a safe, loving home for children in need from CAA. You could always bet on there being a crowd at the Pearce home! On the weekends many of those mentioned above, as well as my sisters and their families, neighbours and friends would all gather together. We hosted backyard bonfires, board game nights, everything you could think of...even corn husking nights and spaghetti eating competitions.

I was lucky enough that my home was a place of warmth, laughter, camaraderie and (friendly) competition. Our home was a place where family and friends felt equally welcome no matter where they came from.

When I assist my clients in buying and selling their homes, I work to help find them a home that is more than just a house. It's my wish that their home fills their heart with memories, love and laughter as much as my childhood home does mine.


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Fun Facts

Outside of selling homes in London and the surrounding area Mel:

- Is the proud parent of 5 children. I know, crazy, right? 3 originals & 2 bonus

- can be found riding her bike and/or training for her Sahara Trek

- can be found at the dog park with her daughter's dog: Ruby 

- Is an audio book junkie (she's in the car...a lot)

Bucket List

1. Satisfy my Fitbit (pushy thing!)

2. To see the world. Well, at least most of it.

3. Stay in the Royal LePage Top Tier. 

4. Overcome my fear of heights. 

5. Get my scuba diving licence (presently working on it =D)

6. Become more of a Fraggle than a Doozer. 

Melanie Supports: World Vision - Emergency Response and  Royal LePage Shelter Foundation