How to choose a neighbourhood

A city is only as good as the neighbourhoods that are located within it, and part of what makes London, Ontario such a great place to live is all the different neighbourhoods. Whether you’re on the east, west, south or west side of London, you are sure to find a neighbourhood that fits your lifestyle. But, with so many great neighbourhoods, how do you choose the best one?

I’ve been active in the real estate industry a long time, and in my many years helping clients find homes in London, Ontario, I’ve learned that neighbourhoods are an extension of the homes themselves. In fact, it’s as much about finding a great home as it is about finding a great neighbourhood. When you think about it, you could have the most amazing home in the world, but if it’s not in a neighbourhood that you suits your lifestyle, you’re never going to be completely happy. This is why I work closely with every client to find a home that best suits their life, and that includes helping them choose a neighbourhood they’ll love and call their own.

Neighbourhoods are small communities and each will have its own distinct characteristics, from local amenities to the styles of the homes. Just like when you’re house-hunting, it’s important to identify your wants and your needs. For instance, do you like to walk to work, or are you ok with a short commute by car? Is being near a park or community centre important? Are you fond of historic districts with older architecture or do you prefer newer, urban developments? These are just a few of the factors you’ll want to consider when you are looking for a neighbourhood to call home.

Identifying what you want in a neighbourhood is the best place to start, but you’ll also want to consider which features you wouldn’t enjoy about a neighbourhood. For instance, if you’re interested in a good night's sleep, the downtown crowd on a Saturday night might end up driving you a little crazy, which means you may want to opt for a quieter neighbourhood. Remember, just because a neighbourhood is considered to be popular doesn’t automatically mean it would be a perfect fit for you. Keep in mind that you’re looking for a neighbourhood that suits your needs.

There are a number of ways you can go about finding a neighbourhood and my clients have always commented on the fact that I’m a tour guide with a twist: I always give the insider’s view of the London, Ontario neighbourhoods and I’m passionate about what I do, so if there’s a neighbourhood that has some cool, unknown facts and history, you’re going to get to hear that along with all the traditional information. I know all the London neighbourhoods inside and out and enjoy helping house hunters choose the best house and neighbourhoods to suit their lifestyle. If you are new to London, Ontario or are currently a Londoner looking for a change, let’s get in touch so we can find a neighbourhood that suits your lifestyle and needs.