Why use a Realtor®?

Real estate is a major financial decision, and you want to make sure you have the best team of professionals to back you up.

We live in a "do-it-yourself" era when everyone is looking to save a few bucks and choosing to put in a lot of time (plus plenty of elbow grease) to renovate or sell a home more than ever before.

We've all been inspired by the TV shows, and it's fun to take on reno projects like a pro. But is the DIY route really the way to go when it comes to buying or selling real estate?

While there are certain times in life where you can take on projects confidently on your own, real estate is likely not one of them. These are just a few of the reasons why working with a Realtor® is so important when you are buying or selling real estate.

Real Estate Knowledge

Real Estate Agents are trained to understand the documents and clauses and will make sure that the real estate purchase or sales transaction is complete and up to standards. We also have experience assessing real property issues that may arise, and can protect our clients from potential risks associated with the home. This is all a part of offering a well-rounded service.

Access to Information

Realtors® have access to statistics about the market and demographics, in order to assess a location and style of home to meet your needs. We also have access to the MLS Board, which brings a huge marketing benefit when your are selling real estate in London, or wherever you may be. When buying real estate in London, you can take a look at Realtor.ca and find some information on current listings in London, but as certified Realtors®, we have access to the entire picture, such as when the homes were last sold and for how much. This can be valuable when heading into the negotiation phase.

Continuous Training

Many people think that Realtors® just have to pass one exam to get their license. What the general population doesn't know is that we actually undergo continuous training. I work with Royal LePage Triland Realty in London, Ontario because we are a brokerage with full-time Realtors®. Our brokerage is fully committed to providing our clients with the best service, and I’m always taking new courses to learn as much as I can about the ever-changing industry.

Strong Network

You’re going to rely on a number of different professionals during your real estate journey. While a Realtor® is the first stop, you’ll also need a mortgage professional, lawyer and inspector to make up your team. I've developed a network of trusted professionals from various backgrounds and industries to help support you in the real estate process. You can use your Realtor® as a link to finding other resources and industry professionals.

Code of Ethics

All Canadian Realtors® must abide by the code of ethics. This means that your Realtor® must work with honesty and integrity. While this seems like a no-brainer (and these happen to be two of my own favourite qualities), there are always a few bad apples in the bunch. If you do have a problem with a Realtor® and suspect they may be acting in an unethical manner, you can contact the Canadian Real Estate Association and file a complaint. Knowing that there is a code of ethics gives you the reassurance that your Realtor® will be dedicated to serving your best interests.

London, Ontario has been my playground as a Realtor® for years, and there’s a lot more to the process and the market than what meets the eye. The biggest benefit to using a Realtor® is to make sure that your transaction goes smoothly and you end up with a property that suits your needs.