Geographical Boundaries:

The Bostwick neighbourhood is bound by Bostwick Road (South & East), Southdale Road W (North) and Wharncliffe Road South (East).

Mel's Insights:

The Bostwick neighbourhood in London, Ontario its just south of Westmount and the Highland neigbhourhoods. Much of this area consists of excellent shopping. One word: Shoes! I'm sure many would be surprised to find out that Bostwick isn't just an extension of Westmount due to the lack of 'neighbourhoods' within its borders. There is only one, a small neighbourhood/housing area containing properties in about the $200,000, mid-range to above average homes, as well as a few buildings. Due to the high amount of shopping and easy access to gyms and entertainment facilities, the area is likely to have a reasonably high walking score considering it's not in the downtown core of the city or surrounding area where most high walking score neighbourhoods reside. This area has excellent access to Highway 401 and 402. Because much of the Bostwick area is undeveloped, we are likely see more new developments in the are in the coming years as London, Ontario continues to expand.

Quick Facts (courtesy of the City of London)

- 905 people live in Bostwick, 174 percent more than in 2006.
- 10 percent of the 395 households are homeowners.
- Half of households have an annual total income of over $54,514.

CLICK HERE to check out the City of London's Neighbourhood Profile for a more in-depth look at the statistics of Bostwick.

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