Geographical Boundaries:

Glen Cairn and Pond Mills is a neighbourhood in South East London, ON. It's bound by the Thames River (North), Highbury Avenue (East), Bradley Avenue (South), and Adelaide Street (West).

Mel's Insights:

I love driving through the Glen Cairn and Pond Mills area. As you head north on Pond Mills road, there's a great view with the forest in the foreground and downtown London as the backdrop. This really encapsulates the Forest City vibe that London, ON offers. It’s also a reminder that it does feel like we are, in fact, just a part of the nature that surrounds the city. I had first hand experience of this when I once watched a deer jump out in front of the car ahead of me on Thompson road. Thankfully, the deer was unharmed. Awe, but I digress. Ok, so the Glen Cairn and Pond Mills neighbourhood in London, Ontario provides affordable housing options from apartments, townhouses, semi-detached and individual homes. Because of the affordability factor, it's a great area for first time home buyers in London. At the south end of this neighbourhood, you'll find the Conservation area of Pond Mills, which is actually a part of the Westminster Ponds/Pond Mills, an Environmentally Significant Area (ESA). It is the largest of the publicly-owned ESAs in London and it is also designated as a Provincially Significant Wetland. It’s amazing to find such a huge variety of natural habitat, all within the hub of the city. This neighbourhood is conveniently located near LHSC Victoria Hospital, the White Oaks Mall (a major shopping district) and the 401 Highway. If you are looking for a neighbourhood in London, Ontario that is affordable, conveniently located near many amenities, and also has some great nature to take in, the Glen Cairn and Pond Mills area could be for you!

Quick Facts (courtesy of the City of London)

- 15,745 people live in Glen Cairn, 5 percent fewer than in 2006.
- 68 percent of the 6,540 households are homeowners.
- Half of households have an annual total income of over $51,412.

CLICK HERE to check out the City of London's Neighbourhood Profile for a more in-depth look at the statistics of Glen Cairn.

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