Geographical Boundaries:

Lambeth is in the south west corner of London, ON. It's bound by the Wharncliffe Road South (North), Wonderland Road (East), the 402 (South), and Colonel Talbot Road (West).

Mel's Insights:

Lambeth takes it’s name from a borough of London, England of the same name. Originally named Lambehitha, which translates into the landing place for lambs. Who knew?

I was first introduced to Lambeth in my late teens. I was 19 and a bartender in the area. Some of my favourite regulars came from Lambeth. During that time, I learned a lot about this proud, close-knit community. If there was just one thing that all from Lambethians (*this may not be a real word,lol) agreed upon, it was that they were not Londoners. . However, much to their disappointment, Lambeth, became apart of London in 1993. The town of Lambeth celebrated Lambeth's 200th anniversary of settlement in 2009.

If you head south on Wharncliffe it turns into Main Street of Lambeth. Along this stretch you will find many small shops and restaurants. It is convenient highway 402 or if you prefer a more scenic route Longwoods Road / highway 2.

The annual Lambeth Harvest Festival (which happens in September) is a time for the community to come together and welcome those in London to the small town feel of Lambeth. The festival lasts the whole weekend and includes a town breakfast, baseball tournament, auto show and several dances.

There are many choices in housing, from small, brick character homes, to sprawling estates with generous lot sizes to beautiful newer builds. Lambeth has experienced some substantial growth of new residential developments in the surrounding area, including: Talbot Village, Lambeth Park Estates, and North Lambeth Estates. It is also experiencing growth of businesses in it's core. The only element it lacks when it comes to housing is condo apartment and townhouse options. With easy proximity to both London proper and the 401, Lambeth truly is "small town living" at it’s best.

Quick Facts (courtesy of the City of London)

- 4,410 people live in Lambeth, 1 percent fewer than in 2006.
- 93 percent of the 1,580 households are homeowners.
- Half of households have an annual total income of over $104,293

CLICK HERE to check out the City of London's Neighbourhood Profile for a more in-depth look at the statistics of Lambeth.

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