Geographical Boundaries:

Fairmont is a neighbourhood in East London, ON. It’s located West of Highbury and North of the Thames and straddles Hale (just East of Highbury) and Hamilton and Gore Roads, just North of the river.

Mel's Insights:

The Fairmont neighbourhood is one of those little, hidden gems in London. Those who live there absolutely love it. Those who don’t know it would hardly know it’s there as they pass by. As a result, it’s the best of both worlds in terms of location: it has the proximity to the downtown core, but is nicely tucked away from the hustle and bustle. The neighbourhood was designed in the 60s and actually follows a very circular pattern. This design drastically reduces the traffic flow, which makes it a very peaceful residential area, but is very accessible at the same time. It has a high population of all-brick ranchers, with minimum 3 bedrooms. This type of home is especially attractive to younger couples as it’s an affordable way into the market. They won’t have to worry about moving into a bigger home once the family starts to grow. It also appeals to those in their later years who don’t want to move into a condo, because most of the homes are all on one level. Fairmont is full of lots of trees and parkways, and is the starting mark of the bike trails. You can hop on one of these bike trails, pass through downtown and make your way to the University, without ever being on a road!

Fairmont is also home to the Hamilton Road area (click here to check it out).

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