Geographical Boundaries:

The Medway neighbourhood in London, Ontario is bound by Fanshawe Park Roadway/Thames River (North), the Thames River (East), CN Railway Tracks (South) and between Wonderland and Hyde Park Road (West). CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE NEIGHBOURHOOD MAP.

Mel's Insights:

What's in a name, right? Well, when I was growing up, Medway was a high school north of the city and it held the same name of the road it was on and still does to this day. The neighbourhood of Medway is home to the prestigious University Hospital and University of Western Ontario, along with its sister school Brescia University College and their founding college, Huron University College. Kings University College sits in the Neighbourhood to the east of this North London neighbourhood. If you haven't taken the opportunity to drive through the University grounds, it's definitely a must-see. The stunning architecture is surrounded by mature, towering trees and the winding river, and is worth taking a detour to cruise around and take in the beautiful landscape. Medway is full of smaller desirable neighbourhoods, such as Lawson Estates, Whitehills and Attawandaran in its north and Medway Heights, Chesham Estates, Sherwood Park, Orchard Park, and (of course) University Heights. The Medway neighbourhood offers a wide variety of housing options. From apartments, townhouses, row houses, one floor condos (attached and detached) to single family homes, this area really has something for everyone. The extensive housing options are in large part due to the University's influence: there is the typical student housing, but because of it's deep, historic roots, Medway also has some of London's most beautiful character homes. Prestigious and beautiful, Medway is aboslutely worth a look.

Quick Facts (courtesy of the City of London)

- 19,785 people live in Medway, 4 percent fewer 2006.
- 76 percent of the 7,455 households are home owners.
- Half of households have an annual total income of over $65,714.

CLICK HERE to check out the City of London's Neighbourhood Profile for a more in-depth look at the statistics of Medway.

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