Geographical Boundaries:

SoHo is a neighbourhood in South London, ON. It’s bound by the CN railroad tracks (North), Adelaide (East), and the Thames River (South and West).

Mel's Insights:

SoHo refers to South of Horton, the neighbourhood just outside of downtown London. It’s one of the older areas in London and was built for the working class. As one of the earliest neighbourhoods, there are smaller homes, less brick and smaller bedrooms. A lot of the original properties still remain, and admittedly, it’s an area that’s in flux right now. With the proximity to downtown and at the affordability, it makes for a great place to live and invest in London, Ontario. The potential caught the attention of developer Fincore Canada, who has proposed a $300-million project along the Thames River that would include two condo towers and a health/wellness centre. It’s a unique neighbourhood that’s full of community initiatives and great businesses and restaurants.

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