Geographical Boundaries:

Old South is a neighbourhood in South London, Ontario that is bound by the Thames River (North), Wellington Road (East), Commissioners Rd. (South), and Wharncliffe Road (West).

Wortley Village, itself, is located on the corner of Bruce St. and Craig St.

Mel's Insights:

Wortley Village is the heart of Old South and was recently named Canada’s Best Neighbourhood in the “Great Places in Canada” 2013 competition. While many Canadians may have never heard of it, this news comes as no huge surprise to Londoners. When you think of a neighbourhood that has character, you think of Wortley. When you think of a neighbourhood that is close-knit, you think of Wortley. I’ve lived in Wortley Village twice during my time in London, ON and have to say it definitely is like living in a separate town within the city. You’ve got century-old houses and cool trendy places to hang out. The new condo development will bring some diversity to the neighbourhood, despite concerns that it might take away from the architecture and increase vehicle traffic. The area is entrenched in history and those who live there are eager to preserve the culture, which will ensure that it doesn’t become a run-of-the-mill neighbourhood.

In terms of location, you likely don’t need a car. It’s an easy walk to downtown and the Greyhound and VIA rail stations (if you’re travels are taking you outside the city). Let’s just say, if you live in Wortley, you’re going to run into your neighbours strolling around the village, likely with a trendy dog in tow.

The renters from years ago are the ones who now own homes, and the sense of pride they have for the homes and neighbourhood is incredible. Those looking to buy in the area aren’t just buying a home, they are buying Wortley. However, if you’re searching for a cheaper alternative, you may want to head to the Old East Village, which offers much of the same character at a lower price point. For more info on Wortley Village, you can get in touch with me directly.

Quick Facts (courtesy of the City of London)

- 13,470 people live in South London, 4 percent fewer than in 2006.
- 47 percent of the 6,930 households are homeowners.
- Half of households have an annual total income of over $46,023.

CLICK HERE to check out the City of London's Neighbourhood Profile for a more in-depth look at the statistics of South London.

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