Geographical Boundaries:

The Hamilton Road area is within the Fairmont neighbourhood, which is located West of Highbury and North of the Thames and straddles Hale (just East of Highbury) and Hamilton and Gore Roads, just North of the river.

Mel's Insights:

Few people are aware that the Hamilton Road area started as an Oil Refinery area and was used as one of the main access road into the city. (source) At the corner of Hamilton and Egerton -- also known as Ham and Eggs (Cabbie terms) -- sits what was once a traveler’s hotel and tavern called the Honister House. It was used by travelers well into the 20th century and is now used as residential rental units. On the corner of Inkerman Street and Hamilton Road is All Saints' Church, which was once known as the "working man’s cathedral." The expansive cathedral is almost too large for the size of lot it sits on and is worth a visit if you are interested in checking out the architecture of a church that has been around for over 125 years. (source)

The Hamilton Road business corridor is full of a wide range of businesses, restaurants and places to hang out. Some of my favourite spots along this stretch are Lucky Restaurant (excellent chop suey), Kohn Meat Market, the famous Rei Dos Leitos (also known as "King of Pigs" -- which is serious Portuguese food. The area is also home to the Bob Hayward YMCA, which has huge windows so that when you're working out, you almost feel like you’re outside. Eastside Bar & Grill (formerly known as JR’s) is a popular place to grab a beer and check out some live music. They changed the name years ago, but like all good watering hole patrons, no one calls it by its new name. You can check out a full list of businesses here.

Along the Hamilton Road route, you'll see a lot of tree art (trees and trunks cut into shapes depicting animals like deer and bears) which really adds to the mix as you travel along Hamilton Road. To the south, you'll find the east branch of the London’s bike paths and St. Julien Park (which is the park pictured on my business card). The area is also the home to East Park, which is a great place to take the kids or play a round of golf.

The Hamilton Road area offers affordable, entry-level housing and has great community spirit. They have a very active neighbourhood association (you can learn more about the Hamilton Road Community Association here). Tommy Hunter, a Canadian country music performer who hails from London, Ontario, had "Tommy Hunter Way" named after him. But, the area isn't only home to country music legends, it's also the childhood home to my good friend, Cathy Swan. I have even lived in this area a few times in the past and have always loved not only the great location, but the strong community vibe. It is still very much "up and coming," and those looking for a great deal on solid real estate will love the low barrier-to-entry of their real estate investment.

I love what London is On! has to say about the Hamilton Road Neighbourhood, check it out! They have successfully highlighted Ealing Shoe Repair, Fairmont Lanes Bowling, Neighbourhood Laundromat Cafe, The Grinkle Grass Featival, Tasca Piri Piri Restaurant, Studio Collective Photography Studio and East Side Bar & Grill.

Quick Facts (courtesy of the City of London)

- 14,935 people live in Hamilton Road, 3 percent fewer than in 2006.
- 77 percent of the 6,490 households are homeowners.
- Half of households have an annual total income of over $50,249.

CLICK HERE to check out the City of London's Neighbourhood Profile for a more in-depth look at the statistics of Hamilton Road.

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