Simple Guide To A Clutter Free Home

January is definitely the month where we all feel that most motivated to clean and declutter our homes. Nothing beats having a fresh start at home by allowing more space and organization into your life and lessening disorder and chaos.

I know first hand how overwhelming decluttering can be and I found creating a checklist helped me stay focused and on track. It also helped me become more efficient as it served as a guide on what I needed to declutter. If you are unsure how to begin compiling your decluttering checklist, here is a tip that helped me. Step outside your home and view it as a visitor or ask a trusted friend or family member to do this for you. How organized and clean is the home? Write down your impressions and identify what you can do to improve the space.

Fewer things mean fewer distractions and less stress. Your home environment can highly affect your mood and that is why eliminating the clutter is so important. You’ll have more peace, more order, and more gratitude for things in your life which leads to a happier and healthier life. Now I have added decluttering to my household chores alongside cleaning.

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