Moving with kids

Packing with kids when preparing for moving can be a challenge. It could take you endless hours to finish if you have kids around. They wouldn’t let you pack their toys or bring out every item that you’ve just thrown inside the box. You need the right strategy to deal with kids when packing for a move. So here are some packing tips for moving with kids:

  • Pack when they are not around or when they are sleeping. This will make packing faster as they wouldn’t be around to disturb you.
  • Use color-coded packaging tape to label boxes. This will be helpful if your kids want to help with packing. It’s a kid-friendly way to teach them to label their belongings.
  • Pack their toys last. They will need their toys to entertain themselves. Trust me - the toy that they have not been playing with for a while will suddenly be their favorite toy.
  • Allot an overnight bag for your kids. This can include their favorite toys, activities, and all essential items that you think they might need during your first few nights in your new home. So you wouldn’t have to rummage through the boxes for these items.
  • If your kids insist on helping to pack, let them. Make them feel involved so they can somehow feel in control with the change that’s about to happen when you move to your new home.

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